Diaphragm Gun Minimizes Wear

 Diaphragm Gun Minimizes Wear when Spraying Aggressive Media


PROBLEM: Abrasive, two-component, or moisture -curing media can wreak havoc on a spray gun's wearable parts. Specifically, the needle seal packing, which is the most important wearing part in any spray gun, takes the brunt of the abuse from aggressive media use. With enough wear to these parts, the gun can start to leak and a repair is needed to return the gun to a functioning level. Depending on your media, this can be quite frequent and can incur significant costs. WALTHER PILOT, realizing an unreliable spray gun that is prone to constant repair is detrimental to process efficiency, sought to develop a solution to this problem.


SOLUTION: WALTHER PILOT engineered the diaphragm spray gun. Instead of a needle seal packing (the part seeing the majority of the wear from aggressive media use) these specially designed spray guns are equipped with a diaphragm. The diaphragm ensures that all wetted parts are hermetically separated from the air components; this ensures that the spray gun is virtually leak-free. The material needle does not go right through the gun. Instead, the spray gun is operated by a pneumatic pulse that relieves the pressure of the rear spring located in the air compartment. This design results in significantly longer service life and ensures that repair costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Designed for spraying the types of problematic media mentioned above, WALTHER PILOT has several spray gun models that are equipped with diaphragms for virtually any spraying application.


Diaphragm Gun

**Illustration of the diaphragm spray gun design**