Manual Spray Gun Troubleshooting

- Jorge Flores, Marketing Coordinator / Customer Service


Today I will be providing you with some spray gun troubleshooting tips. . If you are ever having problems with your spray equipment you can refer back to this blog for some valuable information in trying to remedy the matter. If you need some additional assisatnce with your spray equipment, feel free to give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to help.


Problem Possible Issues Remedy
Spray gun drips

- needle/nozzle is not clean

- needle/nozzle is damaged

- bush or packing screw is too tight

- needle spring is broken

- needle and nozzle sizes are mismatched

- needle doesn not reach to the end of the nozzle bore

- clean needle/nozzle, possibly consider using a filter

- change needle/nozzle if damanged

- loosen bush or packing screw

- change needle spring

- change needle/nozzle to matching dimensions

- adjust the needle set screw to ensure needle is in correct position

Material is not flowing

- gravity cup is plugged

- pre-air isn't adjusted correctly

- check the hole in the lid of the gravity cup

- set up a new gravity cup

Fluttering spray pattern,

or pulsation within the pattern

- material shortage in tank or cup

- angle of the gravity cup is not optimal when holding the gun

- gravity cup is not attached correctly

- check the amount of material and refill if necessary

- hold the spray gun in a straighter position to allow the material to flow from the gravity cup correctly

- check and tighen the cup as needed

Needle seal packing is leaking

- packing screw is not tightened

- needle packing is damaged

- tighten packing screw

- change needle seal packing

Atomizing air doesn't stop blowing

- air valve cone is damaged

- shaft or air valve issue

- change air valve cone

- lubricate shaft with oil

Spray pattern is not center - air cap is dirty or damaged - clean or change air cap if necessary

Spray pattern wether on 12 o'clock or on 6 o'clock is irregular

- bores of air cap horns are dirty or clogged

- material nozzle is damaged

- clean or change air cap

- change needle/nozzle

Spray pattern has more material

on one side

- bores of air cap horns are dirty or clogged

- needle is set in the incorrect position

- clean or change air cap

- adjust needle positioning