Select Nozzle Size

No matter what your spraying situation is, three goals are universal:

 Nozzle Size

  1. Maximized Transfer Efficiency
  2. Optimal Spraying Pattern
  3. Minimal Equipment Wear

All of these goals can be easily achieved by correctly matching your needle/nozzle size to suit the particular material that you are spraying. There are certain factors and material characteristics that need to be considered when inquiring about a needle/nozzle size such as:

  • What material & air pressure are you running?
  • Do you need to minimize overspray?
  • How wide of a pattern do you need?
  • What is the viscosity of the material or mixture you are trying to spray?

These are only some of the pieces of information that we need to consider when choosing a needle/nozzle size for your particular application. Sometimes more information is needed for special cases. This will help us in choosing the optimal needle/nozzle size for your application, which is one of the most important choices in terms of getting the most out of your equipment (read: maximizing dollars spent). Don't know this information? No problem! Give us a call and let our experts help you find it and get the most out of your equipment.