The PILOT III-K is an innovative and versatile spray gun designed specifically for adhesives. This spray gun features a PTFE-coated gun body for easy cleaning. With the innovative design of the PILOT III-K, you essentially have two spray guns in one. Both gravity feed and material feed ports are built into the gun so you can choose which configuration you need and simply plug the other port that you are not using. It takes only minutes to convert the gun from gravity feed to material feed and vice versa. This spray gun also features a special rotary jet nozzle that is engineered for optimal adhesive atomization. 


Spray gun extensions are available that allow for 45, 90, or 360 degree spray patterns. Please click on the sidebar on the right to view them.


Cleaning kits and repair kits for this spray gun are also available.



Weight: 600 g.
Material pressure: max. 8 bar
Atomizing air pessues: according to model



Rotary-jet Nozzle Sizes Available:
1.0mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm / 2.0 mm




-With plastic gravity-feed cup 600 cc

-With material connection 3/8"

-With wide-jet nozzle insert (gravity-feed cup version - plastic cup)

-With wide-jet nozzle insert (material connection version)

-With wide-to-round-jet nozzle inserts





Rotary-jet Nozzles

Rotary-jet nozzle inserts are the best option for atomizing solvent-based adhesives. A large range of nozzles is available for every spray gun. Wide or round-jet systems can be used depending on the required jet width. Standard air cap: wide-jet air cap.

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The Nozzle Insert Kit contains ONLY the needle, nozzle, and air cap.


The Repair Kit contains the needle, nozzle, air cap, AND all wearable parts such as springs, seals, o-rings, etc.


Part numbers for ALL OTHER PARTS not found in the Repair Kit can be found under the Spare Parts Diagram and List option.