Pilot Bond 2K

WALTHER PILOT continues to solidify its status as a leader in the adhesive spray industry with the release of its newest two-component spray gun, the PILOT BOND 2K. In addition to its top class PILOT III-2K two-component spray gun, the Bond 2K is a high-quality and cost efficient option for spraying multi-component adhesives. The PILOT Bond-2K features a compact design with a sturdy, ergonomic grip to reduce fatigue during extended usage periods and stainless steel material passages for the processing of water-based materials. The wide jet spray pattern can be adjusted for either vertical or horizontal spray. The B component is introduced through a horn in the air cap in order to provide optimal mixing and atomization. Engineering efficiencies have truly created a premium level piece of spray equipment at a cost efficient price.


Bond 2K Adhesive Spray Gun Features

2 Component Spray System

The PILOT Bond 2K is also available in a specially designed 2K spray system. This system features an MDG 2 pressure tank for the A Component and an MDG 1 pressure tank for the activator. All of the hoses and even a carrying trolley are provided. If you need a quick, portable and robust solution for a 2K spray job, look no further.