Cup Systems

Quicky-Cup for PILOT Premium

Mixing and gravity-feed cup in one, including flat filter 125 μ or 200 μ.

No annoying transfer of material. Simply mix, attach the cup and begin working immediately. Capacity: 750 ml.

Packaging Unit:


50 pieces incl. cover an filter insert as required.

with green flat filter: 200 μ (70 Mesh); PART NO. AFR 030 40 652

with blue flat filter: 125 μ (120 Mesh); PART NO. AFR 030 40 651




PPS Coating System

For frequent paint changes and difficult jobs in awkward locations. 


Starter-Kit PPS Coating System:


1 adapter for WALTHER PILOT spray guns

1 reusable plasitc mixing cup and plastic sealing ring

5 disposable plastic lids with integrated filter and plastic filter bag


All parts available individually


PART NO. AFR 030 40 420

Easy-Line Cup System

Economical, refillable, disposable cup saves cleaning time.


Starter Kit for Easy-Line Cup System:


60 cups with covers

1 stainless steel adapter

60 filter inserts, as required


All parts avaiable individually


PART NO: AFR 030 40 620

Mixing Cup System

Economical refillable cups saves cleaning time.
Available in three different sizes: 450 ml, 920 ml, 1,850 ml



External containers (6 pieces)

Mixing Cup Inserts (100 pieces)

Cover for mixing cup (50 pieces)


All parts available individually


PART NO. AFR 030 40 31X

Siphon Feed Cups


Siphon feed cup, complete, 125 cc, 1/4", light alloy; PART NO.  V 11 352 75 000

Siphon feed cup, complete, 600 cc, 1/4", light alloy; PART NO.  V 11 352 00 600

Siphon feed cup, complete, 1,000 cc, 3/8", light alloy; PART NO. V 11 354 00 000