Pilot Terra

The WALTHER PILOT Terra manual spray gun is our most budget-minded spray gun but doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality. It features a stainless steel needle/nozzle combination as well as a high precision nozzle/air cap system. The PILOT Terra is available in both gravity feed and material feed models as well as Conventional and LVLP models. 

Nozzle Sizes Available:
1.0mm | 1.4mm | 1.8mm

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The Needle / Nozzle Kit contains ONLY the needle, nozzle, needle spring, and needle seal packing.


The Air Valve Kit contains the valve shaft seal, valve cone, valve spring, washer, and o-ring.


Part numbers for ALL OTHER PARTS not found in the Air Valve Kit or Needle / Nozzle Kit can be found under the Spare Parts Diagram and List option in the drop down menu above.