The PILOT XIII is an extremely robust and heavy-duty spray gun for all everyday paint jobs. This spray gun features stainless steel wetted parts so water-borne coatings and aggressive media can be sprayed without any problems. A large selection of nozzle sizes is available to spray different materials. The spray gun body is made of highly compressed aluminum and the front body is made entirely of stainless steel. 


Spray gun nozzle extensions are available that allow for 45, 90, or 360 degree spray patterns. Please click on the sidebar on the right to view them.


Cleaning kits and repair kits for this spray gun are also available.


• Weight: 760 g

• Material pressure: max. 8 bar

• Atomizing pressure: according to model



-Plastic gravity-feed cup, 600 cc

-Pressurized gravity-feed cup, 450 cc

-Material connection

-Suspended-pressure-feed cup, 800 cc


• Standard spray gun: PILOT XIII V

-Plastic gravity-feed cup, 600 cc

-Material connection

-Siphon-feed cup, 1000 cc


 Nozzle Sizes Available:
0.5mm / 0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.5mm



PILOT XIII U Re-circulation Version

The PILOT XIII is one of the only manual spray guns that has the option of a re-circulating front body. The material re-circulates at the nozzle and prevents accumulation and clogging of the spray gun. 



Nozzle Sizes Available:




The same as the PILOT XIII but but suited for higher operating pressures (max. 50 bar). Can be used with pressure-regulated pumps.



Nozzle Sizes Available:
1.0mm / 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm



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The Nozzle Insert Kit contains ONLY the needle, nozzle, and air cap.


The Repair Kit contains the needle, nozzle, air cap, AND all wearable parts such as springs, seals, o-rings, etc.


Part numbers for ALL OTHER PARTS not found in the Repair Kit can be found in the Product Manual.