Manual Systems

Stationary Spray Coating Systems with Pressure Tanks Solvent-based materials:

• Galvanized material pressure tank, sizes available: 4, 8, 12, 22*, 24, 45*, 60 liter – more sizes available on request.

• Choice of agitator options: manual, air-powered or electric. We are happy to advise you about the best agitator for your requirements.

• Available air-atomizing spray guns: Standard, medium-pressure, HVLPPLus- or HVLP models.

• Material filter with strainer 100 mesh. Strainer insets with 30, 50, and 200 mesh are also available.

• Filter/pressure regulator for pressure tank and spray gun.

• Hose set: 7 m air hose from filter/pressure regulator to spray gun 2 m air hose from filter/pressure regulator to tank 5 m material hose from pressure tank to spray gun.


Water-based materials: For spraying water-borne materials, tanks made of stainless steel are required, unless you are working with original drums inserted into the pressure tanks or with stainless steel inserts. In this case, the material outlet pipe, the wetted agitator parts and further fittings should be made of stainless steel. When using water-borne materials, we recommend spray guns with stainless steel wetted parts, for example the PILOT Premium, PILOT Maxi, PILOT Mini or PILOT XIII.

Diaphragm Pump Systems

Manual spray gun systems are also available with a variety of material supply options such as diaphram pumps, drum pumps, or even a combination of different types of supply units. We can customize your spray system and completely tailor it to your specific needs.