Lightweight Material Pressure Tanks - LDG

WALTHER PILOT material pressure tanks meet the highest demands in terms of quality and product safety. The Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC regulates the design, approval and use of pressure vessels and other pressure equipment in all member states of the EU. The Conformity Assessment procedure chosen by us ensures that we can react to special customer requests with a high level of flexibility. We are certified to manufacture according to US ASME code as well as Chinese regulations. In the field of container construction, we meet the strict requirements of the quality norm EN 9001.


lightweight material pressure tanks type LDG

These thin-walled containers are made entirely of stainless steel (1.4301). The tanks can be opened easily and quickly using the hinged cross grip locks.


LDG 5: 6 bar, 3.5 liters, optional air powered agitator (0.16 kW, 400 rpm)


LDG 10: 6 bar, 9 liters, optional air powered agitator (0.36 kW, 200 rpm) or electric agitator (0.12 kW, 60 rpm)


LDG 20: 6 bar, 15 liters, optional air powered agitator (0.36 kW, 200 rpm) or electric agitator (0.12 kW, 60 rpm)


Optional Accessories;

  • Air inlet fitting assembly complete with second regulator for connecting a second spray gun
  • Control for marking containers
  • Material distributor for connecting a second or third consumer unit
  • Manual agitator
  • Air-powered agitator
  • Electric agitator
  • Suction strainer
  • Insert bucket
  • Material filter
  • Fluid level sensors

See catalog pages 42, 44-45

Also available;


Inliner for LDG 5 (package unit: 5 pieces)

Inliner for LDG 10 (package unit: 5 pieces)

Inliners effectively protect the inner walls of the tank against soiling. They are made of thin but very strong polypropylene and can be used for all common water-based and solvent-based materials. To prevent electrostatic discharge, the material is electrically conductive.