Select 1 Spray Marking System

consisting of:


• Spray marking gun PILOT Signier with miniature pressure tank (tank capacity: 45 ml)

• Mounting for spray gun

• Solenoid valve

• Special fitting for compressed air regulation with all available connections for spray guns and pressure tanks


NOTE: Spray Marking System does NOT include back plate shown in picture. It is available separately. 


This spray marking system is particularly suitable for applications using small quantities of material (e.g. defect marking)

Connection diagram of a spraying system for non-contact paint marking

• Spray gun PILOT Signier

• Filter/compressed air regulator Type A

• Solenoid valve to control the spray gun action

• Hoses for material as well as compressed air for spray gun and pressure tank

• Pressure tank MDG 1 - 4 or LDG 5 - 20

• Agitator Type 46-200 to prevent material sedimentation

• Level indicator


This system is recommended when using large amounts of paint (e.g. “OK/not OK” marking)

Connection diagram of a spraying system with automatic nozzle and air cap cleaning

The use of quick-drying media in particular can lead to material sedimentation in the spray gun and therefore to spraying interruptions. The automatic flushing function helps prevent this, by sending a mixture of air and flushing agent through the circular gap between the nozzle and air cap. WALTHER PILOT has developed a special valve for this cleaning process, which mixes air and solvent in a way that guarantees highly efficient cleaning and low consumption simultaneously. This flushing appli- cation ensures a secure and reliable process and the greatest possible repeat accuracy when marking.


WALTHER PILOT provides the user with tailor-made complete solutions, including paint supply, control units and overspray filtration.

Possible uses:


• Checking weld seams and sheet metal

• Checking engine blocks, crankshafts and camshafts

• Marking blow holes during glass production

• Cutting and bending lines for cardboard packaging

• Line marking for manufacturing

• Paint marking to aid assembly

• Paint marking for logistics