Select 2 Spray Marking System


  • Small spray marking system with pressure cup to apply about 55,000 dots (5mm in diameter) or 3,300 meters of lines (5mm wide)
  • Compact design for simple system integration
  • Simple operation, low maintenance
  • For dots from 3 to 30mm in diameter
  • A solenoid valve is used to trigger the spray gun. We can also provide the controls upon request.
  • Planning, advising and designing the system, as well as integration, are included.


Consisting of:

  1. Spray Marking Gun, Model 20-360, with pull rod for manual activation (e.g. for spray trials)
    Body: nickel-plated brass; needle/nozzle: stainless steel;
    Nozzle sizes: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 mm diameter
  2. Material pressure tank, 750 ml, lightweight alloy, max. 3 bar
  3. Solenoid valve, 3-port, 2-position, 24V DC; other voltages available
  4. Compressed air manifold with pressure gauges and safety valve.
    Combination of all compressed air control functions for simpler marking systems (control and spraying air, tank pressurization air)
  5. Hose kit (2 meters), including fittings for both the air and material hoses.



  • Holders for marking guns
  • Spray booths "Air on Demand". Overspray exhaust systems are mandatory even if applying only very small amounts of paint.
  • Color sensors and measurement transducers for function monitoring
  • Integration of the system into your assembly line