Pilot Premium AR

For the toughest jobs – PILOT Premium AR

The abbreviation AR stands for Abrasive Resistant. This new spray gun rounds off the

Premium range. The version with a special air cap for optimum atomization and a wear resistant nozzle insert has been designed for the extreme requirements of abrasive

media such as ceramics, enamel or engobes*.


• all wetted parts made of stainless steel

• with special Type AR nozzle insert

• material duct with a particularly large cross-section

• for spraying high-viscosity materials

• grease packing adjustable and replaceable from outside

• low maintenance – only a few single parts

• equally good handling for left-handed and right-handed users

• body made of forged aluminum

• high-quality chrome surface


Sprayable materials

• Abrasive media

• Ceramics

• Enamel

• Engobes*


*Engobing is an industrial process for applying a colored finish to ceramic surfaces.

The workpiece (ceramic tile, roof tile) is coated with a mineral

clay slurry by immersion, dowsing or spraying.


Areas of application

• Brickworks and tile manufacturing

• Enamel processing

• Porcelain manufacturing

• Ceramic processing


Technical Data

Net weight 490 g. Max. material pressure 0.6 MPa, 6 bar, 87 psi

Max. operating temperature. 43 °C, 109.4 °F

Max. atomizing pressure 0.6 MPa, 6 bar, 87 psi

Included in the set are a tool kit, special spray gun grease and CE-compliant operating


Explosion protection in accordance with the new ATEX 94/9 EC explosion protection directive,

valid from 01.07.03, II 2 Gc T6, Category II, suitable for Zone 1



Nozzle Sizes Available:
1.0mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm




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